Tass Meister IP Law Firm consists of patent attorneys and technical experts possessing advanced knowledge in their specialized areas. We make day-to-day efforts to carry out prompt and accurate filings and enforcement of patents both domestically and internationally.

Message from the President

Tass Meister IP Law Firm provides comprehensive advice and support from a professional standpoint in relation to intellectual property including patent and trademark. Along with the recent advancement in globalization, acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of intellectual property is essential for companies as an overseas strategy. We have an established collaborative network with overseas patent attorneys and lawyers, which enables us to take an active approach in terms of acquisition, maintenance and enforcement of intellectual property. Additionally, in order to efficiently forward clients’ approach of product development, we utilize advanced patent analysis techniques to provide high-value added information backed by data.

Origin of “Tass”

The origin of “TASS” comes from Latin words: each letter of “TASS” stands for “bravery”, “fellowship”, “knowledge”, and “intelligence”.  “TASS” means that we are the fellows with bravery, knowledge, and intelligence who fight towards the same goals.

Our History

March 2008 Establish Shoei Patent Firm in Shinjuku, TOKYO.
August 2011 Establish Osaka Office in Osaka city, OSAKA.
November 2011 Relocate Tokyo Office to Chiyoda-ku, TOKYO.
November 2011 Relocate Osaka Office to Shinosaka Prime Tower.
April 2012 Change of organization to “Tass Meister Patent Firm”
July 2018 Relocate Osaka Office to Shin-Osaka Central Tower
October 2022 Change of name to “Tass Meister IP Law Firm”